Creating smart experiences of health
Our work blends strategic insight and deep scientific understanding with creativity and digital innovation, delivering healthcare communication solutions that really make a difference to people’s lives.

Health Enthusiasts

Health is at the root of everything and being actively engaged in creating the best indicators in this sector fills us with ENTHUSIASM and motivates us on a daily basis. Each project, each collaboration, each action is yet another opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

We are specialists in this sector and strongly PEOPLE driven, never losing sight of our PERFORMANCE, which is actually a way to measure the extent achieved by our actions, and our PARTNERSHIPS that, over the years, have positioned us as a reference in the area. The synergies created between the different sectoral players, aimed at creating innovative and disruptive initiatives that attain their purpose, are our “compass”.

Our Process

Underlying our thinking is an ongoing need to learn and improve. We believe that learning enables us to improve processes and evolve in the search for better solutions. As such, our rationale includes 5 key stages that allow us to evolve constantly.

1. PREPARE: The first stage requires sound preparation. This includes research and identification of methods, processes and resources in order to advance towards implementation. Preparation is fundamental to minimise errors, to plan and ensure that the project achieves the desired goals.

2. PERFORM: With the right resource allocation, we are prepared to present solutions showing major response capacity and specialisation. Our team is multidisciplinary, specialised and with experience to guarantee that our implementation processes make a difference.

3. ANALYSE: Quantitative and qualitative analysis guides us towards our proposed objectives. We have tools that enable analysis and generation of essential insights for the process of continuous learning and improvement in each project.

4. LEARN: Our inhouse processes mean that learning is passed on to the entire team involved, in the most diverse areas of the company, always aimed at evolving. Being a company marked by innovation, we are pioneer in many aspects, as the knowledge base is sometimes scarce and starts “inhouse”. It is at this stage that we ensure that information is transformed into knowledge, becoming particularly valuable in the short term.

5. IMPROVE: Our mindset encapsulates an ongoing drive to improve our projects. The previous stages are our support, enabling us, at this stage, to have arguments to refine the projects and initiatives in which we are engaged. We don’t sit back, but rather seek, as a group, to invest in solutions that allow us to improve and evolve.

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